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Coffeeshop Tour Amsterdam

 Coffeeshop Tour

Amsterdam is revered for its coffeeshops. But did you know there is more to coffeeshops than just getting high? How it is possible that weed and hash can be bought and sold, whilst technically being illegal? Join us on this interesting and informative Coffeeshop Tour to find out the answers to this Dutch riddle! We explore the history of decriminalization and the roots of Amsterdam´s weed heritage. Join us to explore the streets of Amsterdam East together with your local guide. Come with us as we take a long toke on the history, culture, coffeeshops and secret highlights of Amsterdam….. the roots of the liberal culture. No visit to Amsterdam is complete without the Coffeeshop Tour.

11am + 2pm daily – 3 hours duration – € 37,50 per person excl VAT – excluding bike rent ( € 12.50,-p bike)



Explore Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops!  Bike along Amsterdam’s most beautiful river (The Amstel) where we share the real truth about the history of the coffeeshops with you. During the coffeeshop tour, we will pause at the Skinny bridge, and undoubtedly surprise you with tales about the famous Heineken kidnap from the eighties! See downtown’s only windmill (a great selfie opportunity!). Have a meet and greet with real coffeeshop owners, share stories with stoners, real Amsterdam locals and maybe even visiting celebrities. This is the real Amsterdam coffeeshop vibe, away from the crowded tourist areas and commercial shops.

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Amsterdam = Coffeeshops = Culture

The meeting point for the the coffeeshop bike tour is in front of muiderpoort trainstation.

The history of coffeeshops

Let’s start from the beginning in the world’s most famous smoking city!
How did it all start way back in the sixties?
Who founded the first coffeeshop in Holland?
The history of decriminalization.
Discover the real truth of how it all happened.

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coffeeshop bike tour - amstel hotel - where the celebs sleeping

Where do the celebrities sleep and get high?

Celebrities love open-minded Amsterdam and their people.
Which coffeeshops in Amsterdam do celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Rihanna visit and why?
Why do they all fall in love with Amsterdam?


The best coffeeshops of Amsterdam

We bring you to the best Amsterdam coffeeshops with the best price quality, away from the city centre.
Have a proper chat with real Amsterdam locals and meet and greet with a coffeeshop owner.
See how the professionals roll a joint and discover the love, peace and happiness vibe while having your coffee.
Sit back and relaaaaaaax!

coffeeshop tour - coffeeshop het ballonetje
coffeeshop bike tour - cannabis greenpark

The most Green Parcs of Amsterdam

We will ride through two beautiful parks in Amsterdam East (similar to Vondelpark).
Why not have a dip in one of the pools to refresh yourself after cycling?
One of the parks is the site of the annual Cannabis Liberation Day celebrations.

Coffeeshop Rules

What are the rules for coffeeshops in Amsterdam?
Why do coffeeshops sometimes get closed down by the major of Amsterdam?
Why is a coffeeshop allowed to sell cannabis but not purchase it?
Solving the backdoor policy – the Dutch riddle!

Nice to knows

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Coffeeshop Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Coffeeshop tour suitable for childeren? 2018-07-05T23:54:11+02:00

No, the tour is strictly 18+

How do I get my tourticket? 2018-07-05T23:55:48+02:00

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email containing your booking voucher/invoice. Please print it or download on your smartphone/tablet to present to the tour guide on the day of the tour.

What if it rains? 2018-05-31T17:00:39+02:00

We bike rain or shine. We have ponchos available if required.

Do we bike on busy roads?