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Amsterdam Bike Tours - Andreas Sign

Amsterdam Bike Tours

Amsterdam bike tours brings you Amsterdam, city of bikes, tulips and canals.  The world capital city of biking has become famous all over the world over the past 40 years. Riding on a bike in Amsterdam (and a bike tour in Amsterdam) is normal for locals but might be a big challenge for tourists because the bikes come from everywhere, so pay attention. We offer you three different specialized Amsterdam bike tours that no one else does.

We are a non mass tourism touroperator specialized in Amsterdam Bike Tours. We focus on small groups (max 10 people) and always use a local well trained guide who knows the ins and outs from the (hi)story of the tour. Our guides are all fluently in English and on demand we can hire Spanish, German, Portugese, Chinese and Russian speaking guides. Please let us know in time.

Because Amsterdam is a small crowded place with a lot of traffic, we guarantee you to bike safe with us because we choose wide bikepaths. We believe that biking in Amsterdam must be a relaxed way to enjoy our beautiful city Amsterdam. Walking is the best way to discover the city centre, and if you wanna see some other special undiscovered highlights and hidden spots, book an Amsterdam Bike Tour with us and we’ll show you the way to something special.

Amsterdam Bike Tours - Andreas Sign
Amsterdam Bike Tours - Amsterdam Castle
Amsterdam Bike Tours - Johan Cruijff Graffity
Amsterdam Bike Tours - Coffeeshop Tour
Amsterdam Bike Tours - Girl on Bicycle

Amsterdam bike tours nice to knows:

  • Amsterdam has about 500 kilometres of bikepaths which means Amsterdam is world’s most bike friendly city
  • We fish about 12000/15000 bikes out of the canals every year
  • We have 267000 bike racks at Amsterdam Central Station?
  • 50.000 bikes are stolen every year and many of them end up in the canals
  • 63% of Amsterdam people cycle daily
  • Number of bikes for every car is 3,3
  • There are about 160 bike shops

As you might know we have fantastic, quiet and safe wide bikepaths outside of the centre. That for us is a guarantee that you’ll enjoy our Amsterdam Bike Tours to the fullest.

Amsterdam Bike Tours - Colorful Bikes